My Story

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you get up? I don’t mean right when your eyes flutter open or when you stretch to switch off your alarm only to wrap your blanket a little closer so you can snooze a little longer. I mean when you’re fully alert and out of bed?

Well, I go straight to the mirror, like a little kid excited on Christmas morning or birthday, hoping to see a clear-acne free skin! Before you gasp and wonder why, read on and let me take you on my acne journey.

I watched in awe as my mother applied her night cream to her face. It puzzled me so much because I thought her skin was very smooth and yet she applied this daily. ‘For what?’ my 7-year-old self-wondered. She smiled, reached out and run her hand over my skin and said ‘If you love your skin, it will love you back’.

Fast Forward 13 years later, in a new country, exposed to new weather and food, my skin reacted. I paid no attention to it because I was certain my skin would bounce back like it always did and this was just a phase. Little did I know, that it wasn’t and I was in for a long ride! I realized I had taken advantage of the fact that I had beautiful smooth skin and I could hear my mother’s advice echoing in my ears. As hard as it was, as much as I wanted to throw in the towel and just cover my face in makeup, I decided I had to get this problem fixed.

Acne came with a lot of baggage – I was always getting headaches from the ones that would pop up on my temples, I’d cringe when I’d accidentally brush against one while touching my chin or how uncomfortable it would feel to have my phone against those on my cheeks. I was totally fed up! I tried several products; store brands, big brands, even homemade ones, and nothing seemed to work. My hands were up in the air and I was considering going to try cosmetic solutions because I was now dealing with adult acne and I couldn’t let it ruin the rest of life.

Thus began my journey to a clearer skin.

I started this website to share and celebrate some of the products that I have been using to help heal my troubled skin and others that you might like. I specifically love what African black soap has done so far with controlling my acne, gradually reducing my blemishes and keeping my skin feeling fresh and moisturized and I’d love to see where this journey takes me.

Like anything in life, it is all trial and error but please remember, be gentle with your skin, love it, talk to it and trust me it will listen. I hope you find what works for you, enjoy the ride and good luck to you!

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